Tenuta Le velette - Orvieto
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Traditional wines
Always an integral part of good traditional cuisine, intimately linked to the habits, customs and culture of a place, rich in their simplicity, the expression of the good will and genuineness of the local people. 
Orvieto D.O.C. Classico secco
Orvieto D.O.C. Classico Amabile
Rosso di Spicca
Rosso Orvietano D.O.C.
Wines of imagination
Curiosity about testing the potential of the area along with the enological know how that we have acquired over the years has permitted us to create three wines from already well known grape varieties in a new interesting Orvieto interpretation.
I.G.T. Umbria Sauvignon
Sole Uve
I.G.T. Umbria Grechetto
I.G.T. Umbria Merlot
Wine and new emotions
Experience, tradition and the territory go together in the search for excellence: from this combination spring wines of great range, elegant wines that tell of the passion of all those who have made their contribution to an equilibrium that can only come from a great history. 
Orvieto D.O.C. Classico Superiore
I.G.T. Umbria Sangiovese
I.G.T. Umbria rosso
Il raggio
I.G.T. Umbria passito
Tenuta Le velette - Orvieto