Tenuta Le velette - Orvieto
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We have always chosen to put quality first and right from the times when wines were produced for consumption only in central Italy the firm has received numerous prizes. The first of these, all the details of which have been jealousy guarded, is the Bronze Medal awarded to the estate's red wine at the Wine Fair of 1884, organised by the Italian Wine Circle. 
In the Italian wine guides the most recent prizes are the 'Gambero Rosso' in 2011 that awarded the ability to promote the territory by giving '2 glasses' to all the traditional wines, (Orvieto Classico Lunato 2009, Sole Uve 2009 and Rosso Orvietano Rosso di Spicca 2009) and the Oscar for best value for money to Rosso di Spicca. In 2010 in "I Vini di Veronelli" '3 stars' were awarded to Gaudio 2006. Berganorio 2008 has an entry in the special issue of "I 500 vini più acquistabili d'Italia" ("The 500 wines most worth buying in Italy") by Luca Maroni in 2009.  2008 was a great year for prizes with Calanco 2003 receiving '3 glasses' from Gambero Rosso, Gaudio 2004 getting into the finals and Berganorio 2006 awarded the best value for money prize. In 2007 in the "Duemilavini" of AIS Gaudio obtained '4 bunches of grapes' and Traluce 2005 Sauvignon Blanc  '3 bunches'. In the same year Gaudio 2003 got '3 glasses' from Gambero Rosso. 
Abroad the Wine Spectator (May 2008) gave 90 points to Lunato 2006 while Traluce 2006 and Velico 2006 were not far behind at 88 points. In 2003 the German review Feinschmecker, one of the most established food and wine publications in the country, selected Le Velette as among the five best wine producers in Umbria. The Wine Spectator again, March 2002, awarded 89 points to Calanco while an Umbrian review put the Orvieto Classico and Orvieto Classico Superiore of Le Velette in first and second position. Also in 2002 Falstaff, the most important Austrian wine review, gave our Orvieto Classico Berganorio its Best Buy distinction. In the blindfold tasting of Orvieto wines organised by the Wine Spectator in 2000 Lunato achieved the first position with 86 points while Orvieto Classico Secco came second with 85 points. In 1998 Orvieto Classico Le Velette 1997 was given the Bronze Medal at the World Selection in Montreal in Canada. 

And what's more: 
Italy – in the three-year period 2006-2005-2004 Rosso di Spicca of 2005-2004-2003 was always given the best buy for money prize. The Gambero Rosso in 2005 and 2004 selected Lunato 2004 and 2003 for  the Best Buy award and in 2005 The Duemilavini guide gave its 4 bunches of grapes to Calanco 2001. In 1999 Calanco 1995 won Gambero Rosso's 3 'glasses'. 1992 saw Calanco 1991 win the Gold Medal at the International Competition of Vinitaly. In the same year in the Gambero Rosso blindfold tasting of 32 Orvieto Classico wines, The Le Velette Estate won the first place with 80 points while the others did not get beyond 72 points. 
Abroad – In 1992 Traluce Sauvignon Blanc obtained 2 'glasses' in the Alles Uber Wein review while, to go back a bit and give an example from the past, in 1977 and 1976 the Orvieto Classico got the Silver Seal at the Wine and Spirit International Competition in London. 

Tenuta Le velette - Orvieto