Tenuta Le velette - Orvieto
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mappa delle vigne
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The vines
Meeting place of vines, human beings and the land
The estate's vineyards extend for 103 hectares on the hill opposite Orvieto. The soil, volcanic in origin, relatively poor in organic substances and rich in potassium, determines the product of the vines, reducing their vigour and producing richer and juicier grapes. Within these common characteristics, there are variations of exposure, water availability and microclimatic conditions that create three zones that lend themselves to the cultivation of different varieties of grape. This allows us to choose the ecosystem most suited to each variety and at the same time to experiment with the   whole range of variations that the different vines can produce in the three areas depending on the multiple soil management choices, so as to choose only the best solutions. A labour of passion and dedication that has been going on for 150 years. 
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Tenuta Le velette - Orvieto