Tenuta Le velette - Orvieto
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Bottling of Calanco and Gaudio 2007
Tenuta Le Velette16/06/2011
After a three years wait spent refining in cement tanks and barriques, the moment has come for these wine sto be bottled. In this phase the wine has by now decanted but it ha sto be filtred to ensure a long, optimal evolution..
Bottling is an apparently very simple practice but in fact it requires rather complex equipment studied to the last detail.
It is extremely important to prevent contact between the wine and the air in an operation that risks great exposure to the air. So the bottle is saturated in nitrogen and then filled, thus preventing the wine from being enriched with oxygen.
During the corking phase, a vacuum is created in the neck of the bottle and only then is the cork inserted so as to ensure no air has entered the head space. All these measures aare necessary to preserve intact the colour, the bouquet and the flavour of the wine that can be compromised by bruwque oxydisation.
Finally the bottles are placed horizontally on their racks and maintained at controlled temperatures and humidity and away from the light. I this ideal environment the wine rests for at least twelve months before its encounter with the customer.

Tenuta Le velette - Orvieto