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A bit of imagination
"Playing with food,
culture and our wines"

Vegetables in the oven and a rosé, a light supper Along with Monaldesco 2010 – Rosato IGT Umbria

Tenuta Le Velette17/06/2011
Vegetables in the oven, a success! We didn't know the Monaldesco very well. A friend had talked of it and we found it finally in a wine shop. We used it for a quiet supper after a lunch fit to make you burst and it was a good accompaniment for the vegetables in the oven – courgettes, pumpkin, aubergines and potatoes. We should have drunk it at a lower temperature but in the end it was fine. We should return the favour to our friend who had suggested it, but in the meantime thanks to Le Velette for the right accompaniment for our light supper. 
We strongly believe that wine is culture and conviviality, in other words the coming together of people and knowledge. This is why this union can and has to be recounted, because so often, more than remembering a wine, what comes to our minds is the occasion when we drank it, the dish we ate that evening or maybe simply the people with whom we tasted it and exchanged first impressions on the newly opened bottle. 
What we ask of you is simply this: tell us what you felt, what you ate together, who you drank our wine with! On the principle that ideas are the only things that multiply rather than diminish if they are shared, we invite you to make this present to us and send us an e-mail with a description of your experience – whatever it may be - together with a clear photo of the occasion you are recounting. 
  This idea came to us after a great fan of Le Velette sent us a photo of our bottle and a plate of very special pasta.  Along with the photo there was a description of the evening, as a gift for us, to say that he had also had a nice evening with his friends thanks to our wine. So here is a chance to share all the combinations that you have liked, from the most classic to the most original, a showcase in which to put your own creations. Flavours are the colours of the palate and all combinations are original works of art … that we eat, however!  
Bon appetit!
Tenuta Le velette - Orvieto